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The Daily Grind!

Also know as the crazy cat lady in town, Kaycee enjoys nothing more then chowing down on a large pizza with everything on it (hold the olives and anchovies) while watching reality TV, cook offs and pondering life with her two fur children. But it's not all cats and pizza for this young lass...

Bush walks, outdoor adventures and exploring get her out and about. But don't confuse her with Indiana Jones, Kaycee can not pull off a wide brim hat and cracking whip if her life depended on it.

Lui hails from Albury on the NSW/VIC border. He’s the youngest of three, with two older sisters. Lui has always enjoyed trying to make people laugh (key word: trying) or, as his Year 9 English teacher described it, “Striving to be an active distraction in the classroom”.

Lui had a brief but somewhat successful cricketing career, including hitting the winning runs with a straight-six. After some investigation, the coach decided he couldn’t get away with having an 18 year old playing in the Under-14 competition anymore, so Lui decided to hang up his whites.

Other sports Lui takes part in include basketball, squash, ten-pin bowling and the exhausting sport of binge-watching television series in single weekends.

In his spare time Lui likes to write entire bios in third person, nerding out on computers and watching Suits, Family Guy, Shameless, Narcos and Bob’s Burgers.

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