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Icy Blast Predicted

  • Icy Blast Predicted
  • Icy Blast Predicted

Bureau Predicts Icy Weekend Ahead

After a week of relatively calm yet cool temperatures, the Mallee faces the strong likelihood that already uncomfortable winter will be even more uncomfortable this weekend.

The latest from the Bureau of Meteorology suggests that this weekend is going to be a particular icy weekend not only across the Mallee but across the country. According to the Bureau, this weekend the Mallee will have majorly chilly conditions with several cold fronts making its way across the state, bringing with it much needed showers and windy conditions

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Come Monday, things get interesting with the chance of hail and thunderstorms but Swan Hill should reach the expected maximum of 18 degrees while Mildura could see 20 degrees as the weekend cold fronts pass over.

This weekend is perfect for catching up on Game of Thrones before the new season starts on Monday or to just snuggle up on the couch.