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Anthrax in Swan Hill

  • Anthrax in Swan Hill

Swan Hill Property Quarantined After Anthrax Detection

A Swan Hill property is set to be heavily monitored through the weekend at minimum following a positive case of anthrax in one of its sheep.

The death of the animal has drawn the full attention of Agriculture Victoria, with an Incident Control Centre now set up to prevent casualties or infections.

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It is unclear at this point if any more animals are infected, meaning the duration of the Incident Control Centre being active is undetermined.

Agriculture Victoria have been quick to remind residents that there is no danger to the public, as there is no effect on food within the area and the disease is not contagious.

Agriculture Victoria Incident Controller for Swan Hill Stephen Nee says a vaccination period will begin immediately.

"There is an ongoing vaccination program that'll continue for three years, however if there's subsequent cases the period will be extended," Nee said.

"We do get sporadic instances; one animal will get it at any time, however we deal with them on a regular basis."

The threat of anthrax is something that Agriculture Victoria are looking to educate the public about, as whilst anthrax could be found in most parts of Victoria it rarely amounts to animal infections.

"It is in the soil, not everywhere because we don't want to scare everyone, however it can pop up unexpectedly." Nee said.

"Anthrax cases are mostly common at this time of year, with animals grazing closer to the ground and ingesting more soil which has the bacteria in it."

The outbreak comes one year after multiple properties neighbouring the current site were also quarantined for anthrax, meaning that the monitoring period is likely to be extended for the entire area.