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Balranald Power Outage

Balranald Power Outage

Widespread power outages affect areas of Balranald

Around 15 thousand square kilometres have been affected in the North and Northwest areas of Balranald, leaving them without power for 35 hours.

Essential Energy are still unsure of the cause, and due to transports being unable to access the power lines have mobilised a helicopter to fly the complete length of the affected line to isolate and detect the issue.

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According to Essential Energy Community Relations Manager for Southern NSW Ian Armstrong, they will hope to have power restored as soon as possible.

"We will endeavour to find that damage as quickly as possible and restore the supply to customers as quickly as we can. Having said that, we do anticipate that a number of customers will remain without supply through this evening and we hope to have the network repaired some time tomorrow."

"As you can imagine, it does take a period of time in difficult ground conditions to go through that part of the ground. We're confident that the aerial patrol will make that patrol occur a lot quicker."

Issues have also arisen surrounding Essential Energy's delivery of information, with claims the messages have been repeatedly inaccurate.

Residents who were contacted via the notification system had also directly called Essential Energy, and were informed the messages were sent in error.

Balranald Shire Council General Manager Michael Kitzelmann, has expressed frustration with the quality of communication.

"The simple fact is, the automated notification system Essential Energy uses to contact people on how long the power will be out is flawed."

"What we're saying to Essential Energy is; we know mistakes happen, but when you know the messages are incorrect it's vital you let people know that."

Any community members in distress relating to the power outage are to contact the Balranald Shire Council for assistance until power is restored.

Kitzelmann says that his council's welfare is of the utmost importance.

"Although we have no responsibilities around power, the Council's position is that we do want to make sure our community members are being looked after."

"We're not going to leave our community members out in the cold so to speak."

To contact the Balranald Shire Council, contact (03) 5020 1300

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