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Border permits to return

Border permits to return

Residents in border bubbles will need to carry permits to travel

The Victorian government have announced that border permits will again be mandatory for those traveling within the border bubble.

Permits will be available from Thursday, but will not be enforced until Friday.

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Victorian premier Daniel Andrews made the announcement at Thursday's press conference.

"There are six reasons that you can use to travel in that border bubble," he said.

"But it's really important that we have a clearest picture of who is moving within that border bubble.

"People will need to apply for a permit, it's a relatively straight forward process.

"Before anyone says why, if thIs virus can get from Sydney to Byron, only a fool would think it couldn't get to Albury.

"Logic tells you there's every chance it comes to those southern NSW communities, and then there is a risk it comes to Victoria."

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