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Car jacking near Cohuna

  • Car jacking near Cohuna

Man allegedly steals woman's car on highway

A WOMAN has been given the fright of her life after a 25-year-old man allegedly ran her off the road and then stealing her motor vehicle.

Police confirmed at 9am on Friday, October 19, the 53-year-old mead driver was travelling to work in Kerang when another car passed her on the Murray Valley Highway, 3km north of Cohuna.

The car then did a U-Turn, overtaking the woman and allegedly driving ina way which forced the driver to pull over.

The man then allegedly demanded she exit her car before allegedly stealing the car.

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Police spotted the car and tried to intercept, with the male driver refusing to pull over.

The Police utilised resolution strategies and the pursuit came to a conclusion without incident at Serpentine.

The male driver was taken to a Bendigo Hospital for assessment.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a 27-year-old Echuca man was arrested in Cohuna.

He was charged with a number of offences including theft of a motor vehicle and burglary on a Cohuna business.

He was remanded in custody to appear at the Kerang Magistrates Court at a later date.