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Daffodil Day appeal

Daffodil Day appeal

Schools called on to participate in Daffodil Day appeal

Cancer Council Victoria is calling out to schools around the state to turn yellow and participate in the Daffodil Day Appeal this August 23rd to make a difference to people affected by cancer by funding vital cancer research.

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Head of Community Engagement at Cancer Council Victoria, Lyrian Fleming-Parsley said, “Encouraging children to get involved in this iconic campaign, the Daffodil Day Appeal, is a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with the local community and to show support for those affected by cancer. With one in three Victorians diagnosed with cancer by the age of 75, it’s so important that we fund the best research available. By selling fresh daffodils or having a dress in yellow day for a gold coin donation during August, schools in Victoria can really help to make a difference.”

"The best way for schools in the Swan Hill area to get involved is to jump on our website, which is [www.] and there is a button on there which says 'get involved', and if you click through, there is a specific area for schools and that includes ways they can fundraise, education tools for teachers so they can educate students on cancer and how they can support people in the community."

Cancer Council has made available information available to schools through 'Cancer in the School Community' resource. According to them, the content is appropriate for all primary and secondary schools in Australia and provides guidance and practical strategies for principals, school counsellors and school staff to help their school cope with the cancer diagnosis of a student, parent or staff member.

Thanks to an ongoing investment in research over many years, amazing advancements have been made in cancer prevention, screening and treatment – helping to increase survival rates from 49% in the 1980s to 69% today.

However, there are still more than 34,500 Victorians who will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone, and there are a number of cancers with low-survival rates – meaning there is more work to be done.

For more information or to get involved, visit or call 1300 65 65 85.

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