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Central Murray appeal ban

  • Central Murray appeal ban

Central Murray appeal ban

THE Central Murray Tribunal's decision to ban Nyah Nyah West United Demon Devon Andrews for four matches will be appealed by the league's board.

The player was found guilty of 'Unbecoming Conduct' on Monday night, after an incident in round six against Tooleybuc Manangatang leaving Alex Norton with a broken jaw.

Central Murray Board chair John Brookshaw said he has contacted the AFL, who agreed with the board's unanimous decision to appeal.

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"We decided to appeal the decision... it isn't we have no faith in the tribunal, but we think the sanction imposed is manifestly light and probably too lenient for the offences the player was found guilty of," he said.

"We have been in consultation with the AFL in Melbourne and they agree.

"We have got to send a message to all players that violence is not acceptable and we will punish it as far as we can."

Mr Brookshaw believes a complex rule was misinterpreted by those on the tribunal.