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Source: SH Drag Racing Club.

Drag Jamboree Cancelled

Drag Jamboree Cancelled

Source: SH Drag Racing Club.

Safety concerns have led to a mutual cancellation

Update 29/10/19

Swan Hill Rural City Council has responded to the cancellation of the event.

CEO John McLinden says that the area was ground smooth only six weeks prior and considered in racing condition.

"The area of concern is just at the 1000ft mark, which is where the maximum speed of vehicles is.That area was ground only six weeks ago, ground smooth and in tip-top racing condition and here we are 3-4 weeks later, we find it's settled and moved again."

According to Mr. McLinden, the council has spent in excess of $120,000 in emergency repairs over recent times, but there is no plans for further funding at this stage.

"The council will be assessing it's position before it commits to any further funding. At this point in time, there is no further commitment to further funding for the track."

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The Melbourne Jamboree at Swan Hill Dragway will not got ahead due to safety concerns.

Initially scheduled for November 16 & 17, Jamboree Australia and Swan Hill Dragway have both agreed today, that it was not safe for the event to continue.

In a statement released by Jamboree Australia, they said there was too much movement in the track;

"The track [is] continuing to show movement and this is due to expansion and contraction of the asphalt at the high speed end of the 401m racing distance. This expansion and contraction of the surface can lead to variations in the track levels that are not conducive to high speed race cars at the fastest part of the race track."

Jamboree Australia thanked Swan Hill Rural City Council and Swan Hill Dragway for their efforts and have said that they hope to get the situation corrected in the short to medium term.

"[We] would like to thank Swan Hill Dragway & Swan Hill City Council for their continued support of the sport in Victoria and our events."

Refunds will be provided to entrants and ticket holders.

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