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Friday News Wrap 02/11

Friday News Wrap 02/11

The Latest News From The Mallee!

LINK: CFA Quickly Control Patchewollock Fire

LINK: Three Critically Injured in Burraboi Crash

- Coalition to Hand Game Reserves to GMA

The Liberal Nationals are pledging to have game reserves in Northern Victoria handed to the Game Management Authority if elected, in a bid to keep the parks in better condition.

The Coalition will look to take management functions from Parks Victoria, stating the maintenance of the reserves is lacking and costing local communities such as Gunbower due to falling tourism.

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Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh says it's as much about the environment as it is about hunting.

"I've been to working bees with Field and Game in the past, where they go around collecting rubbish left by other campers, and it's in their best interests to see these reserves well maintained," Walsh said.

LINK: Car and Bus Collide In Gunbower

- Firearms Seized in Storage Check

Swan Hill Police have seized 25 firearms from a house in Ultima, as random checks of gun storage continue across the Mallee.

The 69-year-old man was found to have unsecured firearms, which also happened to be loaded, along with ammunition being stored directly next to the firearms.

He has been bailed to attend court at a later date.

Swan Hill Police Inspector Hayden Downes says gun owners must keep to the rules or lose their firearms.

"If you're privileged enough to have a firearms license and you have firearms in your house, they must be stored correctly as per the legislation," Insp. Downes said.

"If we come and do a check, and they're not stored correctly, we will be seizing them and asking you to forfeit them."

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