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Swan Hill drenched

  • Swan Hill drenched

Heavy rainfall overnight

PARTS of the Mallee reordered almost two inches of rainfall with Swan Hill receiving 48.2 millimeters overnight.

The weather system rolled through the region dumping a substantial amount of rain as it left behind nearly 58 millimeters near Underbool.

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Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Chris Godfred said most of the rainfall has already passed.

"It hasn't completely stopped raining yet but the main body of rainfall came overnight and we were getting rain rates of 10-15 mills an hour," he said.

"Most of the actual cloud band has moved to Central Victoria and we can expect showers through the morning and a chance of a thunderstorm later tonight.

"I think these weather systems can be dynamic and there can be intense rainfall. I think the past two days we have been talking up heavier rainfall."

Next week, a cold front is expected to bring the mercury down to the high teens.