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Case goes to mediation

  • Case goes to mediation

Kerang, Board to meet

Kerang Fotbball Netball Club and the Central Murray Football Netball League board have agreed to mediation.

The CMFNL confirmed on Thursday, stakeholers would meet in an attempt to work through issues arising from an alleged AFL Victoria Country Cybersafety Policy.

Kerang were contacted for comment but politely declined to comment at this time.

CMFNL Statement:

The Board of the Central Murray instructed our Investigations Officer to investigate the actions of the President, Committee and members of the Kerang FNC, as a consequence of an incident in the second semi-final, involving Bronson Booth of Kerang and Doug Palmer of Woorinen.
Surrounding this incident social media was used extensively by the club. The Board of the CMFNL believe that the President of the Kerang FNC Mr Rob Fisher has breached the AFL Victoria Country Cybersafety Policy and as a consequence the club may be vicariously liable.
We have alleged the President placed a statement on the Kerang FNC Facebook page which by omitting critical facts misled the members of the Kerang FNC and insinuated that the CMFNL Board lacked critical judgement and common sense.

As a consequence of this action and further failure to amend or clarify the statement brought the CMFNL Board and football into disrepute.

The final recommendations of the Investigating Officer provide the Board with five options. The most preferable to the Investigating Officer and the Board is for both parties, the Kerang FNC and its leadership, and the Board resolve their differences through mediation.

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“The mediation strategy is the preferred option for the Board,” said John Brookshaw, chairman of the CMFNL Board.

“The tribunal route is an adversarial forum where there are only winners and losers. The Board members and the leadership of Kerang FNC need to work together in the future for the best interests of the league. Mediation may allow both parties to walk away as winners,” John Brookshaw added.

“The mediation is conducted under the AFL Victoria Member Protection Policy, and there is an expectation that the AFL Central Murray Commission to appoint a mediator, which could be a commissioner or Regional General Manager or third party. We expect any mediation session(s) to be concluded by early next week” said Mr Brookshaw.