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Jobs Automation Risk

Jobs Automation Risk

Mallee Jobs at Risk of Automation

The automation of jobs in the Mallee could affect a large slice of the workforce, with Regional Australia Institute's latest findings suggesting more than 3,500 jobs in the Buloke, Gannawarra and Swan Hill council regions are 'highly vulnerable'.

All three council areas were listed to have more than 20 percent of their jobs at a high level of risk, with the Swan Hill region being assessed to have more than 28 percent.

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The data released yesterday also showed clerical jobs, along with book-keeping and receptionist work, were the most vulnerable to automation in regional areas; the Mallee's school teachers, nursing professionals and retail managers however have been listed as the least vulnerable professions.

The institute states they constructed their Regional Job Automation Pack .. with the intention of helping identify problem areas of the job industries in regional communities.

Regional Australia Institute CEO Jack Archer says while it is true some jobs will be lost or dramatically changed due to automation, many news jobs will be created in the process, and now is the time to start preparing local communities.

"It's the first time leaders have insights at their fingertips that are both practical and useful in helping them consider the issues in their community," Archer said.

For the full list of vulnerable jobs and the regional analysis, click here.

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