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Lanigan's record breaker

  • Lanigan's record breaker

Lanigan's record breaker

They came, they raced, they conquered.

Greyhound trainer Matt Lanigan and his good mate Zipping Inglis headed to Horsham on Tuesday night, ready for a tough race.

An outside chance to actually win the race, Zipping Inglis burst onto the scene with a victory over second placed favourite Rockin' Rico from box 4.

His time of 27.41 a new track record set in the 485m Grade 5 race.

Lanigan said he was proud of Zipping Inglis and was happy to pick up another win.

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"We got the job done and broke the track record. It was the first time I had a dog which broke the track record which was special," he said.

"I thought he could go close if he had clear running. And then to know he broke it by close to two lengths -- he didn't just break it, he got it by a fair bit.

"I am glad he could actually show people what he could do."

While the win was special for the Lanigan Greyhound Kennels, Lanigan was still unsure about going full-time.

He currently works in Swan Hill, traveling across the country to race his dogs agaisnt the best, some nights falling asleep at 2am only to up for work at 6am.

He said it was a good balance for him -- for now.

"I'd love to, but just at the moment I am happy with the couple of dogs I have got."