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Rain on the Way

  • Rain on the Way

Decent amounts forecast for parts of the Mallee

THE Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is predicting some areas of the Mallee will receive as much as 30mm of rain tomorrow. A late weather mechanism has seen the BOM predict five to 15mm in Swan Hill, with areas near Robinvale possibly receiving as much as 30mm.

According to Senior Forecaster Keris Arndt, some big numbers are on the way. "We are looking at some pretty big numbers, and if you go toward Mildura you are looking at 10-30mm" Mr Arndt told 3SH/Mixx FM Swan Hill.

"It is widespread... and we will see some significant totals tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, most of the state could see a shower one way or the other with the most falling in the Eastern part of the Mallee.

"Moisture being dragged down from the north west of the country created the mechanism producing the rain which has been tricky to spot, but it is coming into line and we will get a decent amount of rain."

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The rainfall will mean some farmers may have to delay sowing.

Swan Hill Chemical's Tori Renda said "farmers wouldn't be disheartened by the weather event, & the rainfall that is coming is ideal for soil moisture." Mr Renda also added "At the same time it does play havoc for weed control."

Meanwhile, online weather forecaster Weatherzone is predicting 20-40mm ...

For more, tune in to tomorrow's local news.