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Image: Macquarie Media

Mallee Solar Garden Push

Mallee Solar Garden Push

Image: Macquarie Media

Swan Hill Sizing Up Solar Gardens

The Swan Hill Rural City Council have begun their investigations into the viability of hosting solar gardens in the region, with the project expected to be completed by November.

The $555,000 feasibility study will be looking to bring together community energy groups, social welfare organisations and energy retailers to assess the next steps to be taken for the project to succeed.

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Swan Hill is the only town involved in the solar garden trials in Victoria, and one of only five towns in Australia, which is hoping to help those local residents who can't install rooftop solar save money in a sunny part of the state.

Swan Hill Rural City Council Senior Environment Officer Samuel Steele says the project is looking to make solar accessible for as many people as possible.

"The main market that we're looking to support are those who are locked out of accessing renewable energy," Steele said.

"Renters, low income earners and small businesses are what we're targeting."

Mayor Les McPhee said the Swan Hill area offered an ideal location for solar power generation, and that all kinds of solar power options should be included as Council looked to make our region a national leader in solar energy generation.

“I look forward to seeing the outcome of this research, and hope that we can ultimately deliver a solar garden in our region, giving everyone the opportunity to join and support the ever-growing shift to solar power," McPhee said.

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