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McCallum St Plan Unveiled

McCallum St Plan Unveiled

Swan Hill Locals Get First Glimpse of McCallum Street Redevelopments

The McCallum Street re-development plans have been shown to the public for the first time last night at the Swan Hill Town Hall.

The Swan Hill Rural City Council and VicRoads combined to note any queries and complaints from locals, as the opening round of consultations run by the Council begun.

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The proposed plan unveiled last night revealed slip roads into the two car parks, as well as into both sides of Splatt Street; with the narrowing of the current two-lane system leaving room for safer exits off McCallum Street.

The heritage-listed water tower will now accompany a walkway amidst a newly landscaped area, with the remainder of the Splatt Street section of road designated for additional car parking.

However the most focused on aspect was the roundabout being brought in on High Street, which looks to not only prevent one of the most incident-prone sections of roads claiming more victims, but also manage the flow of traffic.

The plan was generally well received, however concerns over the speed limit remaining at 60km/h and potential heavy vehicle congestion were keenly debated.

The early timeline of the redevelopment was also revealed, with the project tentatively lined up to be completed by mid-August 2019; with construction on the road not set to begin until late February next year.

Infrastructure Director at the Swan Hill Rural City Council Svelta Petkova says in all the night was productive.

"There were quite a few great suggestions from the public that we hadn't considered before," Petkova said.

"Some of the suggestions are non-negotiable, and follow strict guidelines. In general people understand the rationale of the project however."

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