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Movember Appeal

Movember Appeal

Fundraising for men's heath

Businesses in the Mallee and the Wimmera are being called on to donate money as part of Movember.

Looking to address prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health, the Movember organisation has been funding projects since 2003.

Birchip resident Luen Donnellon has been participating since 2007.

He has been a part of the platinum club for the past twelve years, which means he has raised over $1000 dollars each year and around $50,000 dollars since beginning his fundraising efforts.

Having been personally affected by cancer, Mr. Donnellon wants business in the area to help him raise funds.

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"Unfortunately, there's a lot of people that have cancer up in these rural areas." says Donnellon.

"I would love some bigger businesses in other areas, that are in the Mallee and the Wimmera to jump on board and donate to keep the Mallee and Wimmera on the map."

Internationally, over 5 million people have participated in Movember since it's inception, from countries ranging from Australia to Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

Over $700 million has been raised, funding 1,250 men’s health projects as a result.

For Donnellon, it's an important issue to raise awareness for;

"Putting the money towards Movember is well and truly worth donating to, because whether it's for yourself or for a loved one, we want everyone to be around for many more years."

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