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Native Fish Response Plan

Native Fish Response Plan

Government expect an increase in fish deaths

A Native Fish Emergency Response Plan is looking to be introduced by the Federal Government to help protect fish in the Murray Darling Basin.

Due to the expected hot and dry summer, an increase in fish deaths are likely.

Minister for Drought David Littleproud says “Fish deaths are common during summer but what we saw last year were a major wake-up call about the impact of the drought on our rivers.

As part of the plan, the government is looking to;

- Provide emergency funds from the Emergency Contingency Fund to help states manage urgent and extreme fish death events, with $300,000 set aside.

- Provide available Commonwealth environmental water to mitigate fish deaths.

- Support the coordination of emergency response activities and sharing of resources.

- Maintain a database of significant fish deaths events.

- Contribute to water quality monitoring programs to identify areas at risk.

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In return, the states will among other things; identify and monitor high risk sites and identify priority refuge areas for native fish.

The public is also being asked to report fish deaths to relevant authorities to assist in finding hot spots.

Mr. Littleproud says that they want native river fish such as the Murray cod, silver perch and golden perch to have the best chance of surviving this summer.

"We want healthy and thriving fish populations in our rivers during drought and in the good times.” said Littleproud

The Emergency Response Plan is available at

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