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NSW schools start Term 2

NSW schools start Term 2

A staggered start expected on May 11th

Schools in New South Wales and Victoria are taking different approaches in preparation for a return to normal classes

Students in NSW start their online learning from today with students to start coming back May 11th.

Relieving Principal at Balranald Central School Nadine Matarazzo provided more detail on plans.

"At the beginning of this term, we are officially still in what we call in New South Wales 'Phase Zero', which is predominately students encouraged to stay at home and off-site learning to take place at home.

Then in Week 3, in May, we will start 'Phase One', which is students returning one day a week to learning on-site."

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According to Mrs. Matarazzo, after May 11th, decision making will be down to local schools.

"We will get notified after [May 11th] and it's essentially something that is decided at a local level to best suit the needs of the school and the school community."

Victoria is taking a more cautious approach, with online learning to continue to the end of Term 2 on June 26th.

Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh believes students should return to school.

"I firmly believe that Victoria should do the same, with some safeguards," says Walsh.

"Just making sure that there's not large groups of parents at school drop-offs, making sure that parents aren't going into the school and actually making sure there's good cleaning of the school and obviously good hand sanitization and social distancing."

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