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Demise of the O'e

Demise of the O'e

Back in Nov '06

Below are the pics of the final moments for the Oasis Entertainment Complex.

Over the years it housed a Bowling Alley, the Regent Theatre, a themed Sports Bar (entered via Rutherford Street), & also various incarnations of their Nightclub - that included, in the late 80s & 90s, upstairs via the Cinema entry in Campbell Street, where the whole Cinema area, including the terrace, was part of the Nightclub. Then a decade or so later, following the reopening of the upstairs cinema, the upstairs Nightclub was moved towards the rear of the complex, only separated from the cinema by a 'soundproof' wall, which we entered via Rutherford Street.

We all have our memories of the good ole O'e, that once adorned the Swan Hill skyline ...

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