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Operation Nexus 2021

Operation Nexus 2021

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Easter operation targeting dangerous driver behaviour

Victoria Police's Operation Nexus will run from 12.01am today until 11.59pm Monday 5 April.

Police will be targeting speed, drink and drug driving and mobile phone use.

With large numbers of people travelling long distances or on unfamiliar roads to get to holiday destinations, police will also be targeting fatigue, asking drivers to plan their trip and rest regularly when on Victoria’s busy roads.

Swan Hill Leading Senior Constable Tania Peters says people are already getting away.

"I've noticed myself that there's an increased number of vehicles including campers, caravans and the like," says Peters.

"So people are obviously out and about and going to take advantage of this wonderful weather we're going to have over the weekend."

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Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) Driver Reviver sites will be operating at 25 roadside locations to encourage drivers to stop, rest and refresh.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Specialist Operations Libby Murphy says it's important to remain patient on the roads.

“It can be one second - whether it’s speeding, drink or drug driving or using your phone – that can lead to tragic consequences.

“This long weekend, please don’t make a decision behind the wheel that could ruin your life or those around you. Don’t speed to get to your destination faster, don’t drink or take drugs before driving, put your mobile phone down and your seatbelt on, and make regular stops if you’re feeling tired.”

LSC Peters said it's important that people adhere to reduce speed zones, like those along the Murray Valley Highway.

"Reduced speed zones have been put in place for a reason, to both protect workers and due to the conditions of the road under construction.

"People need to be really mindful when travelling through those zones. We understand that it's frustrating when you're in a hurry to get somewhere, or you're going on holidays and you want to get to your destination, but the restrictions have been placed there for a reason."

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