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Pram Jam

  • Pram Jam

Mums Get Out And About For Pram Jam

Local mums are being encouraged to get out and about with their prams this week to help raise money for the Mercy Health Foundation.

Pram Jam is looking for participants and sponsors alike to raise money to help out Mercy Perinatal, who have been supporting local mums since 2014 with treatments and ongoing care for women who have been involved with premature arrivals and stillbirths.

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Around one in 130 Australian pregnancies ends in stillbirth, and worldwide, premature birth is the number one killer of children aged under five.

The campaign has so far raised more than $73,000, and Swan Hill mum Tara Brown is contributing to the cause by getting active with a pram out in front.

Ms Brown was cared for by the Mercy Health Foundation following the birth of her daughter Jordana, who was nine weeks premature.

She says there’s so much to be thankful for.

“They were fantastic.” Ms Brown said.

“They kept us informed and up to date; that’s why we want to give back as much as we can.”

The campaign ends on November 26; you can donate to Ms Brown’s efforts on her Facebook page, or visit to donate to the Mercy Health Foundation directly.