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Response Times for Vic Pol

  • Response Times for Vic PolImage: Macquarie Media

How quickly should police respond to an incident?

Victoria’s new Community Safety Trustee Ron Iddles has released his first report and highlighted repsonse times and police presence as a key issues.

Mr Iddles wants to see Victoria adopt response time benchmarks for police like the 25 minute targets for New Zealand police.

It’s also been revealed many of the state’s so-called “24-hour police stations” are closed during the night.


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As Victoria’s new Community Safety Trustee, Ron Iddles has released his first report and highlighted police presence as a key issues.

He says in some instances the 24-hour police stations are locked and people essentially are required to ring the doorbell for assistance.

“I’m meeting with Victoria Police again today and we need some definitions around that,” he told Tony Jones on 3AW.

“But I think the intention of the government and the report is a 24-hour station is open 24 hours per day, then the public need to have confidence that if they go there, they can go in.”

He also said we need “new measurements” around crime reporting, with greater focus on the harm caused rather than the rate of offending.