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RFA launches new fund

RFA launches new fund

Freight Alliance launches fund for Murray Basin Rail Project

The Rail Freight Alliance (RFA) has announced that it has created the fund “Save our Tracks” to ensure the Murray Basin Rail Project (MBRP) is fixed and completed and that the Victorian Rail Freight Network remains in Victoria’s hands.

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The campaign has been sparked on the back of Minister Jacinta Allan’s announcement that the Murray Basin Rail Project is out of funds and rumours that the future ownership of the Victorian Rail Freight Network is in doubt.

According to Chief Executive Officer of the RFA Reid Mather, the campaign funds raised are expected to be used for additional resources for a campaign, from high-level strategy, to lower-level engagement with media in Victoria.

The MBRP is a 5-stage project that was to be completed at the end of 2018. Funded by the part sale of Rural Finance Corporation and the Federal Government with a commitment to deliver a standardised network across a significant part of Victoria.

The freight alliance has stated that currently, Stage 2 of the project is not complete, much of works are substandard and see many sections with trains unable to travel above 40 kph.

According to Mr. Mather, "We've seen a project that was supposed to be finished by 2018, not even finish Stage 2 of a five stage project. So, from an infrastructure perspective, it certainly hasn't been the State Government's greatest outcome.

"Where's the commitment to finish the project? There's other projects with overruns, this one has obviously had an overrun and we're going back to discuss it. Where's to commitment to regional and rural Victoria?"

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