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Robinvale Arson

Robinvale Arson

File photo (Pixabay)

Three Men Questioned Over Robinvale House Fire

Robinvale Police have taken three men into custody following a fire which destroyed a house yesterday morning.

The men were taken to the Robinvale Police station after police assessed the house fire on Shaggy Ridge Road as suspicious, with the Mildura Criminal Investigations Unit now running the investigations.

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18 people were forced to evacuate from the property just prior to 1am, as the entire house became engulfed with flames.

Neighbouring houses were also evacuated as a precaution, before CFA crews managed to contain the fire within an hour.

The men, all from Robinvale and aged between 32 and 39, are assisting police with their investigations.

The exact cause of the fire is not yet understood, along with the estimated damage costs.

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