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Run for the Kids

Run for the Kids

Help Jen from Mixx Brekky reach $3000

Knowing little kids who have spent significant time at the Royal Children's Hospital and watching the dedication and care of the nurses, doctors and support staff, committing to the RCH Run for the Kids is a no brainer.

As an added incentive to donate (and for a little fun) if we reach our goal of $3000 I will have to do a challenge of Lippi's choosing on Mixx Brekky...
The three options currently are:
- Sky diving (TERRIFIED of this)
- A tattoo of Lippi's choosing (I DON'T trust him to make a good choice!)
- Cut a mullet into my hair and dye it pink (my hair DOESN'T grow - and mullets should be outlawed!)

While I am not keen on any of the above options, it will be worth it for the kids...

All donations however small or large will be so so appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support and for helping us raise money for the staff and kids of the Royal Children's Hospital!


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