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Source: SH Drag Racing Club.

SH Dragway repairs

SH Dragway repairs

Source: SH Drag Racing Club.

Funding to go towards an investigation after safety concerns

Swan Hill Rural City Council is looking to conduct a geotechnical investigation into the Dragway.

Following discussions at council's meeting this week, they approved an expenditure of up to $31,000 get the investigation underway.

Back in October last year, the Melbourne Jamboree scheduled to take place at the strip was cancelled due to safety concerns.

Following that, an inspection was carried out in January, which detailed seven major and four minor defects.

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Millions of dollars have been spent over the course of several years on the drag strip.

In recent times, council put $500,000 towards grinding, drainage improvements and general repairs, then a further $171,000 towards more urgent repairs.

Council CEO John McLinden says that they're hoping this will result in definitive fixes;

"Council were very specific in asking that any report that comes to council resulting from this geotechnical investigation provides guarantees that any remedial work will fix the track once and for all," says McLinden.

Mr. McLinden also wanted to reassure locals that it is a priority.

"We want to get on to this in the very near future, to get an understanding of what's going on, and then to brief council on a way forward," he said.

"We're not really in a position at this point in time to say what that way forward will be, we'll do the geo-tech work first and discover what is going on beneath the track."

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