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SH - Heat Health Alert

SH - Heat Health Alert

Weather expected to reach into the 40s later this week

The temperature is set to hit the mid-40s in the Mallee tomorrow and Friday, with overnight lows as high as the mid-20s.

It has prompted the Department of Health and Human Services to issue a heat health alert for both days.

Swan Hill Rural City Council is reminding residents to exercise extreme care during the heat and think about how you and your family can stay safe.

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are serious conditions occurring when the body’s temperature rises.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion range from muscle cramps, dizziness and nausea to vomiting and fainting.

The recommendations for residents to stay safe in the heat include; drinking at least two litres of water a day, seeking out air-conditioned buildings, drawing blinds to keep the heat out and taking cool showers.

New South Wales Health has given their top four tips for beating the heat.

- Drink plenty of water
- Check on elderly friends, neighbours and relatives, especially if they live alone
- Plan your day around the heat - avoid being outdoors between 11:00am and 5:00pm
- Avoid alcoholic, hot or sugary drinks

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Jodie Jones, Occupational Health & Safety Officer at Swan Hill District Health says that for those that rely on medical services, they will be kept in the loop.

"If we close services for the period, we let [clients] know. We've done a lot of work in planning for heat health over the past couple of months says Jones.

"We've got templates and protocols for every service. They've got a quick checklist that they go through. That goes right down to our district nursing and palliative care."

Ms. Jones says that whilst they don't see any increase in patients when it comes to hot days, they do if there are power outages.

"We run on backup generators here, so people who rely on medical equipment for their health needs quite often attend here.

"So we see an influx of patients during those periods."

If you or anyone you know feels unwell on a hot day call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 60 60 24, or call 000 in an emergency.

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