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SH Police: new equipment

SH Police: new equipment

Highway Patrol to get ANPR system

Swan Hill Police are launching some new hardware today, with their Highway Patrol vehicles receiving an upgrade.

One of the Highway Patrol vehicles will be fit with a Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), which allows police the ability to scan number plates to determine if road users and their vehicles are property registered, lowering the need for roadside checks.

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According to Senior Sergeant Brad Bennett, "What that does is it scans number plates as the car is driving along and we can instantaneously know if the car is either unregistered, or if the driver of the car is unlicensed, or disqualified, or any of those sorts of offences."

"As the car is driving around, it's constantly scanning any number plate that is in distance of the car. We estimate it could scan up to 5000 number plates per shift."

According to police, it is part of a state-wide two year plan, where they hope to get 221 cars fitted with the device.

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