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SHDH receive donation

SHDH receive donation

$25,000 donation to go towards new birthing bed

Swan Hill District Health will look to purchase a new birthing bed following a $25,000 donation from the Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation.

The foundation, run by the owners of the ACE Radio Network Mr. and Mrs. Rowly and Judy Paterson provided the donation as part of the foundation's support of the local community.

The new bed will look to replace the current bed in the main labour ward, with the current bed being about 15 years old.

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Chief Executive of Swan Hill District Health Peter Abraham says that budgeting is tight and donations are always appreciated;

"We have a priority wish-list based on our furniture and equipment and our high priority needs in our organisation. We look at where our key risks are, in the health service and that helps us to determine our priorities around expenditure."

"Budgets across health services are very tight and we receive a small percentage of funding out of the Department of Health and Human Services for equipment purchases, but donations out of the community are really important for those smaller equipment needs that we have in the health service."

According to Mr. Abraham, some of the beds that they currently have came from a donation from the foundation 15 years ago.

"Over a period of years, we've had a lot of support from such a wonderful, charitable organisation as the Handbury Foundation and any donation, no matter how small or large for our health service is extremely welcome."

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