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Swan Hill Police Senior Sergeant Brad Bennett receiving his vaccination

SHDH rolls out vaccine

SHDH rolls out vaccine

Swan Hill Police Senior Sergeant Brad Bennett receiving his vaccination

First 1B doses have been administered locally

Swan Hill District Health have administered the first doses of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine, as part of the 1B rollout today.

960 doses of the vaccine were delivered last week, with staff working around the clock to make sure they were ready by this morning.

SHDH Chief Executive Officer, Peter Abraham said that much preparation has gone into ensuring that this program can be delivered as efficiently and as effectively as possible locally.

"It's been a big program to set up and establish," he explained.

"We had to do all of the planning late because we wanted to make sure we had the vaccine in our hands."

Swan Hill Police Inspector Haydn Downes was the first to receive the jab, followed by Senior Sergeant Brad Bennett, Ambulance Victoria's Joseph Colombo and local Acting Senior Team Manager John Gillingham.

[PICTURED - Ambulance Victoria's Joseph Colombo (left) and John Gillingham following their vaccinations.]

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[PICTURED - Swan Hill Police's Senior Sergeant Brad Bennett (left) and Inspector Haydn Downes.]

Following his vaccination, Inspector Downes said it was important the community worked together.

"We're very lucky in Swan Hill to have the vaccine available by the hospital and we're encouraging all of our emergency service partners to come and get vaccinated. Let's all work together to keep it out of the community."

Mr. Gillingham echoed similar sentiments for those who may be apprehensive.

"It demonstrates that we live in the community as well and we hope to protect the local community, he said.

"If they see us get vaccinated, they're more likely to get vaccinated themselves."

Mr. Abraham says they could get a further 1000 doses in a couple of weeks time, but that they're not looking to rush into things.

"This process is a marathon, not a sprint and it will take time and hard work, and we ask the community to be patient. We’ll get to everyone as quickly as we can.”

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