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T20 Round 5 Delay

T20 Round 5 Delay

Vital Final Round of Twenty20 Comp Delayed

Poor weather throughout the day has put a dampener on an important evening of cricket for the Swan Hill and District Cricket Association, with the final round of the Twenty20 competition delayed.

The postponement now makes for a tricky situation for the association, with Saint Marys Tyntynder and Nyah District effectively playing off for a spot in next Thursday's grand final against RSL.

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Following the first four rounds of the tournament, the Saints sit at a 3-1 record and hold a one-game advantage over the Demons, who sit in third at 2-2.

A win to the Saints easily confirms their place in the finale next week, however Nyah District can find themselves facing RSL if they win and pull back a 0.35% deficit in percentage.

Rule 3.27 of the Twenty20 rules may however put more pressure on Nyah to secure a rescheduling and play for their chance at the final, with points split if an alternative date can't be reached.

  • 3.27 In the event of a Wash out of any scheduled match, teams may re- schedule to another day upon agreement by both team captains and SHDCA is notified prior to such re scheduled match. If Team Captains cannot agree or a Reserve day is not possible, each team will be awarded (1) point for the Washed out match.

Association President Greg Cruickshank says the teams will meet to decide if they want to play the match, and in this situation expects the match to go ahead.

"If one says yes and one says no, the Association has the deciding vote; and we'll probably say yes," Cruickshank said.

As for an alternate date for the fixture, Sunday is reportedly where interest lies.

"We (the board) will offer the teams Sunday, however it'll be on them to discuss it," Cruickshank said.

Swan Hill has received just under 15 millimetres of rain since 8pm last night until the time of publishing, prompting the association to stop any action from taking place tonight across all fixtures.

The two other fixtures of the round, RSL facing Ultima TUF and Swan Hill playing Woorinen, are expected to be cancelled due to a lack of bearing on the finals picture.

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