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Dean Helmers predicts 2022

Dean Helmers predicts 2022

The new Tooleybuc Coach predicts next year's CMFL season.

Tooleybuc-Manangatang's new senior coach Dean Helmers has made his predictions for the Central Murray Football League next season.

Dean Helmers is returning to the competition after previously spending time at the Mallee Eagles. His other coaching experience includes Sunbury, Romsey, and Broadford.

Helmers said that he'd spoken to the Saints before, but had chosen to stay at the Mallee Eagles because he wanted a chance to win a grand final.

"Once I'd finished up with Mallee Eagles I was going to take the year off and then after their (Tooleybuc's) coach left they touched base with me again and I decided to roll my sleeves up and have a go."

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Helmers went on to say: "I think the number one, the main priority for me is to make sure I get improvement out of the local players. Obviously with the points system now, you can't turn the bottom team into the top team over a preseason. It'd take a few years of bringing in new players and building.

"What I can control is what I do with the boys that are at training. And my only goal at this stage is to teach them, get the most out of those boys I possibly can."

When asked his predictions for 2022 in the CMFNL, Helmers pointed to established teams like Cohuna Kangas and Mallee Eagles as the benchmark.

"I'm thinking they're probably the two top sides at this stage. Kerang are always very hard to beat, so I think they'll be around the mark, probably top three.

"Woorinen have lost a few (players) but they're obviously trying very hard to pick up a few so I think there's your top four. If I had to call it right now, Cohuna Kangas and Mallee Eagles are the top two.

"Everyone else is looking to just continue improving, and a lot of the clubs really improved last year, United and so on just got better."

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