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Player punched off play

  • Player punched off play

Tribunal set for Monday

A CENTRAL Murray figurehead has slammed the conduct of a player on the field, punching an opposing player illegally during round 6.

An off the ball incident during a reserves match between Nyah Nyah West United was submitted for investigation leading to the charge on Tuesday.

Central Murray chair John Brookshaw said this conduct was not good enough.

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"What it means is that every player on the field, and club, has to take responsibility," he said.

"The incident was behind the play, there was no call for it, it was off the ball, it wasn't accidental and it leaves a mark on all the young players who want to play in the reserves.

"I hope the tribunal deals with it appropriately and send a message... that punches behind play are not park of the game and wll be dealt with."