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Fire in Swan Hill

  • Fire in Swan Hill

Unregistered burnoff sparked fire

A FIRE was lit around midday on Easter Monday, which saw two local Country Fire Authority (CFA) trucks respond.

A Tower Hill resident allegedly lit a rubbish pile alight at the end of Dumosa Drive, Swan Hill, which raised the alarm.

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CFA officials are urging residents to register any, and all burn offs in the region to avoid unwarranted call outs.

To ensure that the fire services are aware of your planned burn, please give the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) prior notification. You can do this is four ways:

  1. Phone 1800 668 511 and provide the required information OR,

  2. Complete the Burn off Notification Form (DOC 127k) and email the form to,

  3. Send the form to ESTA by fax: 1300 674 428 or,

  4. National Relay Service Users can ring 1300 555 727 and ask for Information to be relayed to ESTA via 1800 668 511