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Woman charged twice

  • Woman charged twice

Woman charged twice

A WOMAN who filled her car up and bought Ice in Swan Hill has been charged twice by Woolworths.

The company is facing a system error which has seen historic purchases re-charged this month.

3SH's Neil Mitchell spoke to Leigh this morning and she said she was charged from a stop in the Mallee.

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"Just checking our online bank statements... it is Woolworths," she said.

"Charged for fuel in Swan Hill, we paid $55 for a top up on fuel... $10 for ice... and it has just come through today."

Woolworths bosses say they are “outraged” that an error by their payments firm caused customers to be charged again for purchases.

The issue affected customers who used Visa cards... duplicating online and in-store purchases made across the entire Woolworths Group between March 11 and 13.