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Mixx Brekky

Mixx Brekky

Mixx Brekky

A brand new brekky show.

Jen and Lippi are bringing a new and fresh Brekky show to Mixx.

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How can you describe Lippi?

Well he likes long walks on the beach, watching paint dry, and he's a vegan who does cross fit! Just kidding he's not vegan and doesn't do cross fit :s

If he can be serious for once in his life....he loves his footy and sport in general, loves to head out and socialise, enjoys top notch banter, and rates Home and Away as his favourite show (yep that's fair dinkum)

Catch the fun and local info as Lipi hangs out with Jen and start your day the right way every weekday from 6 on Mixx FM!

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