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Mixx Brekky's Radio Games

Mixx Brekky's Radio Games

Mixx Brekky's Jen & Lippi have brought back the radio games!

What is/are the Radio games?

A collection of your favourite Radio games of the past!

Games like "Secret Sound" "Guess the Celeb" "Pick the beat" and a few other in the works too

Cash will jackpot everyday if we don't get it straight away

The Secret sound is the first game we are playing,

Just listen out for your cue to call each morning at around 7:45 am! You can also add your name to our standby list also giving you a chance to play.

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05.8 -- String
19.8 -- Break

Here are the list of incorrect answers so far:

22/7 -- Shuffling cards
23/7 -- Cling Wrap
24/7 -- Peeling tape off a box
25/7 -- Ripping a piece of paper across a perforated edge
26/7 -- Biting into an Apple
29/7 -- Opening a cardboard box with the sticky tape still on
30/7 -- A water bottle being emptied
31/7 -- Un-peeling masking tape
01/8 - Opening an envelope
02/8 - Unwrapping plastic from a delivered newspaper
05/8 - Rolling a ball of string on the ground
06/8 - Stripping leaves off a branch
07/8 - Slicing through a watermelon
08/8 - Pulling the string off those envelopes and ripping it open
09/8 - Tying up a balloon with some string
12/8 - Counting money
13/8 - Tying up flowers with a string
14/8 - Suspencing dental floss
15/8 - Spraying a can of silly string
16/8 - Pulling the string off the top of a BBQ bag
19/8 - Un wrapping a ball of string -- Jackpots to $410

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